Yoona says goodbye to her candy-character

Yoona says goodbye to her candy-character

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Yoona of Girl’s Generation is a candy-like girl. Not knowing what loneliness or sadness is, just happy and glee… That was our image of Yoona in Girl’s Generation.

‘Actress’ Yoona Lim is also similar. Starting with ‘You are my destiny’ in KBS-2TV, 2008, she was as bright in ‘Cinderella man’ as Yoojin Seo,  ‘Love rain’ as Hana Jeong, ‘The prime minister and I’, and other dramas as well.

However, in 2016, Yoona shattered the image and started acting as Anna Go in tvN’s ‘The K2″.

“It was my first time to show the viewers a different image than the candy-like image. I was more happy than anxious about the change. Anna is a challenge yet a new start for my acting a carrier.” (Yoona Lim)

Anna is a challenge for me

Yoona actually hit a wall, a wall that she needed to break through from the happy and glee image she constantly had. The majority of her scripts she received was the, ‘I will never cry but be happy and positive’ style.

“I don’t know when it started but I started to think about my ‘too happy’ character.  I am really thankful for inquiring me but I wondered if this was really all I could do. I started getting greedy with my carrier I guess.”

Listening to her interview, her decision in ‘The K2’ was obvious. Anna Go was her typical happy character but a character full of anger, loneliness, and gruesome.

Anna is a fruition for me

The fruit from her hard work was ripe and sweet. Firstly, she got to know more about the fun of team working with her actor. Yoona thanked Yoona (Song) for teaching her so much.

“Acting with Yoong (Song), our synergy was great. The energy she emitted motivated me to become more emotional and thanks to that, my acting got a lot more expressive. I also learned a lot from Changwook oppa, his delicate and sophisticated acting was impressive. I asked and learned over and over again.”

Yoona is just getting started

Yoona is at the center of Girl’s Generation. It has already been 10 years since she was the center.  But how would actress Yoona Lim be like? It has also been 10 years since her first acting experience from ‘Bottom of 9th and 2 outs’.

“It’s embarrassing to state that I am an actress with 10 years experience. In the past, I stood in front of the camera not knowing anything at all. Shooting the film was just fun and curious for me. I was just like a child in front of the camera.”

After 10 years since her first step in the carrier, Yoona Lim truly started to dream.

“10 years have past but I still hope that I am a mystery figure to the public. Also, I hope the 10 years of my future will be new, always and constantly changing. That starting point will be Anna.”