Twice becoming the biggest K-pop star twice!

Twice becoming the biggest K-pop star twice!

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With ‘Cheer up’ and ‘TT’ becoming consecutive hits, K-pop group, ‘Twice’ became the first ever known K-pop group to break through 100 million views on YouTube.

‘TT’, as of January 3rd 8:45 am, had a record of 100,416,282 views. This is the outcome of a music video that was just released on October 24th (only 71 days!).

This put them on a continuous hit of more than 100 million views per video twice (?!). Twice received the spotlight with November’s ‘Cheer up’ and this was less than a year since their album release.

Even Big Bang’s hit, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ (233 days), EXO’s, ‘Call me baby’ (515 days), BTS’, and ‘Jjeoleo’ (490 days) has become small compared to Twice’s speed of view hits.

On the other hand, Twice has finished their ‘TT’ activities. They proved their stance in K-pop by becoming the first ever girl group to sell over 200,000 single albums.