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Love is in the Air! Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Dating Confirmed

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Bae Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are finally confirmed to be dating! Bae Suzy, best known for being a part of the girl group miss A, seems to have had an eye on Lee Dong…

The Me Too Movement in South Korea

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In the midst of the “Me Too” movement, many Korean actresses and actors have sent their support for the movement and victims of sexual assault. The hashtag, #MeToo, was created to display the prevalence of…

Song Haegyo wins the battle donating all compensation to charity!

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Actress Song, Haegyo kept her promise. She donated all her money from the damages of the breach of her right of likeness to charity. This donation is planned to nurture designers in Shinjin. Song, Haegyo…

Yoona says goodbye to her candy-character

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  Yoona of Girl’s Generation is a candy-like girl. Not knowing what loneliness or sadness is, just happy and glee… That was our image of Yoona in Girl’s Generation. ‘Actress’ Yoona Lim is also similar.…