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Vogue’s 73 Questions for CL

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Vogue magazine has 73 questions for the infamous K-pop star CL aka Lee Chae-rin.

2NE1 Disband Goodbye

2NE1 Will Release A New Song: Announced by YG

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Rejoice, 2NE1 fans! K-pop icon girl group 2NE1 will be releasing one more song for fans to enjoy, despite having officially disbanded. On January 5th, Korean media outlet X Sports News announced that fans will be able to enjoy…

Park Bom of ‘2NE1’ has handwritten a letter to her fans

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Park Bom of ‘2NE1’ has handwritten a letter to her fans. She apologized on the 30th of last month through Instagram. Park Bom stated, “I am so sorry and sincerely apologize, you have been waiting…

SNSD vs 2NE1

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Yoona of ‘Girls’ Generation’ and Sandara Park of ‘2NE1’ had fierce competition over fashion. They wore the same apparel in differend places. Yoona featured in Taiwan’s September ‘Vogue’ fashion magazine and Sandara Park appeared with…

CL on 2NE1’s disband

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 “Did the best to keep the team together” CL on 2NE1’s disbanded 2NE1’s leader, CL (25-years-old), spoke her feelings. On the 29th, she uploaded a letter in English with a phrase, “always thank you.” First, she showed…