SNSD vs 2NE1

SNSD vs 2NE1

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Yoona of ‘Girls’ Generation’ and Sandara Park of ‘2NE1’ had fierce competition over fashion. They wore the same apparel in differend places. Yoona featured in Taiwan’s September ‘Vogue’ fashion magazine and Sandara Park appeared with the same clothes in Milano Fashion Week.

The items the two of the celebrities chose was Fendi’s minidress. The dress was a bluee green loose-fit striped minidress that had a refreshing feeling to it.

Shall we have a look at Yoona and Sandara Park’s minidress styling?


Yoona (SNSD)

Yoona turned into an elegant goddess, what could have been a excessive was turned into fascinating and alluring.

Especially, Yoona’s body type fit in with the minidress. Her thin and long neck line made the ruffle stand out more.

Her visual was perfect. Her semi-smoky makeup and coral lips emitted her feminine beauty.


“Alluring body line” (Yoona)


“Clamping lips” (Yoona)


Sandara Park (2NE1)

Meanwhile, Sandara Park radiated her girl-crush charm. Contrary to Yoona’s casual characteristics, Sandara Park was full of personality.
From head to toe, she was full of a strong charismatic feeling. The minidress, black pumps heel, and striped tote bag put definite point of her style.
With the 2 tone blonde slightly waved, her hairstyle was also aggressive. Her peach-tinted makeup also emphasized her baby face.


“Confirming that she has a small pretty face” (Sandara Park)

“Bravely walking”(Sandara Park)


Minidress – ‘Fendi’. Price n/a