Sexy vs Cute…’AOA’ teaser is finally here!

Sexy vs Cute…’AOA’ teaser is finally here!

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Girl group ‘AOA’ showed their awaited teaser and signaled their comeback.
On the 27th, FNC Entertainment exposed 2 images of their first official album called, ‘Angel’s knock’ through their AOA official teaser site.


The concept dramatically changed. Their image from the double title song, ‘Bing bing’ and ‘Excuse me’ were the opposite.

First off, the teaser of ‘Excuse me’ was sexy. Their black jacket one piece and charismatic eyes and body line emitted sexiness.
Teaser of ‘Bing bing’ on the other hand, had more of a lovely feeling to it. Wearing their retro trench jacket and their dance pose with their fingers on their lips were so cute!
AOA will show two totally different aspects in this album. The variety in these songs and stage will give us the entertainment and fun we always had from them.
The official first album, ‘Angel’s knock’ will be published on January 2nd, 2017.