Rain comes back at last!

Rain comes back at last!

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Singer, ‘Rain’ made his comeback public with the title of the title song and image.

Rain’s entertainment company, ‘Rain company’ uploaded the album jacket image of his album on the official homepage. The theme being all black and charismatic, the album emitted a masculine theme.

The black t-shirt, feathered fedora was Rain’s style in the image. With head tilted aside, the bold necklace emphasized the style.

The new title is ‘The best gift’. From genre to atmosphere of the songs, everything else is in bale as of now with everyone anticipating his comeback.

The entertainment company stated, “It is his new album in 3 years. Please look out for his comeback with the collaborations he will have.”

On the other hand, Rain exposed the sound source of the new album on the 15th and will actively start to participate in TV programs such as SBS-TV’s ‘Flower gang’.