‘Goblin’ high quality CG

‘Goblin’ high quality CG

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One of the entertainments of watching tvN’s ‘Goblin’ is the unique special effect. Eungbok Lee PD’s CG effects imbedded in the distinctive but strong story line, made viewers absorbed in the drama. This fantasy-like entertainment beauty, let’s have a look of the before and after of CG effects in ‘Goblin’.

Gongyoo’s goblin fire

When Goeun Kim(Euntak Ji’s role) grabs Gongyoo (Shin Kim’s role) by the arm, a blue fire ignites. Soon, the uniquely classic mood of ‘Goblin’ which is cold yet mysterious fills the whole scene.

Dongwook Lee’s grim reaper effect

The teleportation scene of Dongwook Lee (grim reaper’s role) turned out to be very natural. What could have seen childish due to the presence of the grim reaper, was overcome with great CG in ‘Goblin’. The teleportation scene of Dongwook Lee had black smoke featured which suited his black fedora and coat.

The scene turns into sea

CG effect of the sea made the scene of the pilot episode concentrate at once. This was actually taken in a filming site instead of a real sea. The model ship actually existed but the fierce waves, tide, thunder, black clouds, and others were all manually made by Eungbok Lee PD.
Image = tvN ‘Goblin’ Facebook