G-Dragon’s Love Life

G-Dragon’s Love Life

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G-Dragon personally explained his romance and separation rumors in the MBC-TV program, ‘Gold Aquarium Radio Star’ aired on the 28th.

The MCs asked, “You’ve had romance and breakup rumors, did they all happen this year?”
G-Dragon was surprised at the question, but soon became calm by saying, “I can’t specifically say at this point. Separation rumors aren’t accurate.”
G-Dragon also stated about his perspective in love. “I like to meet altogether with friends, that is why I don’t really stress on being filmed but try to hang out and have a good time altogether.”

Seungri stepped in by saying, “I’ll clear this up as a third party person’s perspective. The woman that is now being talked about had magazine collaboration with me, and GD introduced me as her cute little sister-like friend.” He also added, “We were close enough to have a meal together, but they are no where close to love.” This talk was wrapped by concluding that rumors and gossips were just theories.

G-Dragon soon explained that there will continuously be more of these theories and added that it will be of damage if he admitted about the love life since they are both celebrities which could hurt her image.