CL on 2NE1’s disband

CL on 2NE1’s disband

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 “Did the best to keep the team together” CL on 2NE1’s disbanded

2NE1’s leader, CL (25-years-old), spoke her feelings. On the 29th, she uploaded a letter in English with a phrase, “always thank you.”
First, she showed affection for the members. She said, “we were always a team and a family, and this will never change.”
For the future plans she mentioned, “Minzy, Bom, and Dara will all achieve many things by individually working on something.”
She also mentioned about the disband process. She explained, “the members, YG and I tried our best to keep the team together until now.”
Then said, “we worked really hard on the new album all summer long, sacrificing so many things, but it didn’t come out that well. It was a really tough time.”
She mentioned her fans for appreciation. She said, “we made an unforgettable memory over the 7 years. This couldn’t be done without you.”
CL said, “I believe the journey we took together was the biggest blessing. I am thankful everyday for the fans who cheered for us.”
2NE1 officially disbanded on the 25th. CL and Dara signed another contract with YG and they plan to move on as individuals.
Park Bom, after the end of contract in May, left YG. Minzy left the group in April and made a contract with Music Works.

The below is the entire message from CL:

“Dear Black Jack (fans of 2NE1),

I don’t even know where to start but I just wanted to let you guys know that we are all still here and we will always be one team, one family.

Minzy, Bom, Dara will all be doing great things on their own and I will always love and support them.

And I hope you all know, YG, the members and I, we all really tried to make things work.

I left everything behind and was in Korea all summer working on our album, but it fell apart… tough times…

What we have to remember is that we made amazing memories for the last 7 years together and I wouldn’t have had it in any other way, with any other group of people.

From 2NE1 TV, all the awards, all the shows… you guys made it possible. You guys always had our back. You all are the most creative, loyal, classy, strong, fun, funny and the baddest fans anyone could ask for!

I feel very blessed to have you guys in my life, on this journey, growing together and I am thankful every single day to have amazing fans like you support us doing what we love.

I love you I love you I love you

Miss you guys more than ever…”