Big Bang’s G-Dragon Begins Military Service

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Begins Military Service

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Big Bang’s G-dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong, 30) received a warrant for enlisting in the military. The deployment date is the 27th.  He will receive basic military training for 5 weeks at the division recruitment training center.  G-dragon has delayed his admission in November due to his concert schedule in Japan.  He submitted postponement under ‘Entertainment activities and other reasons’.  In the case of entertainers, one can postpone entrance to the military (up to three months) due to overseas activity.

GD graduated from Gukje Digital University with a degree in Leisure Sports Studies in 2013 (aged 25).  Immediately after, he enrolled into Sejong University’s Graduate School under the Distribution Industry program, which delayed his military enlistment for three more years.  In 2016 (then 28 years old), he obtained his Master’s degree, and in the same year, it was rumored that he applied to a doctoral program to postponed another year of military service.

GD paced his undergraduate and master’s degree courses throughout his education and all the while delayed enlistment until he was 29.  And last year, he delayed service once more for entertainment performance issues.  According to the Military Service Law, he must go into the army within this year.

However, for any other unavoidable reason, he can apply again to delay it for three months.  If there is a sudden illness, it is necessary to report the delay 5 days before the date of enrollment.

YG Entertainment officials stated, “We have been waiting for the Military Matriculation Administration on June 6. He will be joining the army as scheduled.” If everything proceeds as the officials state, he will be starting his training on the 27th.