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Twice becoming the biggest K-pop star twice!

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With ‘Cheer up’ and ‘TT’ becoming consecutive hits, K-pop group, ‘Twice’ became the first ever known K-pop group to break through 100 million views on YouTube. ‘TT’, as of January 3rd 8:45 am, had a…

Twice celebrates with Selfies!

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Twice celebrated winning the music show program by posting selfies. The members posted selfies of all 9 members on Twitter on the 7th. Mina and Chou Tzu-Yu were especially popular among the members, even though…

Rain comes back at last!

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Singer, ‘Rain’ made his comeback public with the title of the title song and image. Rain’s entertainment company, ‘Rain company’ uploaded the album jacket image of his album on the official homepage. The theme being…

f(x) Crystal is coming back?!

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SM stated that the rumor of f(x) Crystal’s solo debut is just a rumor. Spokesperson of SM Entertainment said, “There is no decisions made regarding Crystal’s solo album or new activity.” on an interview today,…

Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy looking so cute!

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Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy showed their cute gestures in fashion magazine, ‘Ceci’ on the 5th. Their video of the fashion shoot was updated on their Instagram account. Both looking like dolls, they upgraded their…

IU goes to Taiwan for concert!

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With IU going to Taiwan for her concert, she departed from the Incheon International Airport to Taipei on the 6th. IU matched an all-black outfit from head to toe taking the spotlight with her cuteness.…

2NE1 Disband Goodbye

2NE1 Will Release A New Song: Announced by YG

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Rejoice, 2NE1 fans! K-pop icon girl group 2NE1 will be releasing one more song for fans to enjoy, despite having officially disbanded. On January 5th, Korean media outlet X Sports News announced that fans will be able to enjoy…

“Follow me if you can”…G-Dragon’s Super Car

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon showed off his super car on the 4th through Instagram. He also added, “Follow me if you can” on his Instagram post. The car that G-Dragon showed off is the Lamborghini Aventador…

G-Dragon’s last post of 2016 “Last of my flamboyant 20s”

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon showed off his cute face on the 31st. His different visual made him charismatic even with no makeup with his exceptional hairstyle. G-Dragon hinted a sense of frustration by posting “To my…

Super Junior-M’s Henry, “So tired and hard…”

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Super Junior-M’s Henry talked about his complicated heart on Instagram on the last day of 2016. He uploaded a black image with a comment stating, “So tired and hard. I can’t do it alone anymore.…